Fran's Skincare Summer

Summer Skin Lifestyle tip: Gently and Regularly Rain or Shine

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. When we were little kids we never thought about…

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magnums as tabletop centerpiece

Entertaining at home with Magnums

How to use Magnums as a centerpiece for your dinner table. Entertaining at home presents a fun challenge for me…

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Broiled Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster - The Palm

4 Great Reasons Why Beverly Hills is a “Local Exotic” Travel Destination

Lucky you if you’re a LA Local: “Exotic” Beverly Hills’ is just a drive away! I love to vacation in…

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Give your flowers a reason to SING!

Your Table Top: turn ordinary into extraordinary with unusual flower containers. Don’t you love to wander in a flower garden…

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Summer Fruits

Level up your Summer Snacks Strategy!

Kitchen Tips: Chill out and stock up on fruits and frozen blueberry “Bites” Here comes the sun. Summer is one…

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Egg test

Fresh Eggs!

An easy test to make sure that your eggs are fresh and safe to eat. Eggs are a staple –…

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Coravin Wine Preserver

A simple way to save “leftover” wine

Wine Ice Cubes: The best thing for "leftover" wine. Good wine is a terrible thing to waste. Being a lover…

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What is “sophisticated living”?

Sophisticated Living: it’s not what you spend, but what you share. I’m a big advocate for enjoying life.  We only…

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al fresco dinner ware

The Right Way to Enjoy Al Fresco Dining

Dining outdoors - perfect for longer, warmer nights. Days are getting longer and the nights are warming up – a…

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Thinking about cutting boards today

Don’t take your Cutting Board for granted!

Cutting board safety tips – there’s a reason that chefs do the things they do.   When I owned my…

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The Art of ordering from a menu

Don’t covet your neighbor’s dinner – order for flavor and experience! Reading a menu at your favorite restaurant can be…

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The simplest Vodka cocktail that isn’t really a cocktail.

Another way to enjoy your favorite vodka: a Nikoli for your party. I love to host parties of all sizes. …

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