Summer Fruits

Level up your Summer Snacks Strategy!

Kitchen Tips: Chill out and stock up on fruits and frozen blueberry “Bites” Here comes the sun. Summer is one…

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Egg test

Fresh Eggs!

An easy test to make sure that your eggs are fresh and safe to eat. Eggs are a staple –…

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Coravin Wine Preserver

A simple way to save “leftover” wine

Wine Ice Cubes: The best thing for "leftover" wine. Good wine is a terrible thing to waste. Being a lover…

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Thinking about cutting boards today

Don’t take your Cutting Board for granted!

Cutting board safety tips – there’s a reason that chefs do the things they do.   When I owned my…

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raw salt and peppercorns

Salt and Pepper for Refined Palates

Time to refresh two cooking ingredients that we often take for granted. “Salt is what makes things taste bad when…

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better way to serve onions?

A new way to prepare and serve onions?

Tried everything to stop the weeping and smell from onions? Try this! I happen to love onions: red, white, yellow,…

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Tips for kitchen knives: which ones do you really need?

Which one is right? Do you need more than one? Do you need a full set? Everyone needs a good…

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Hard Boiled Eggs Aren’t Hard

Perfect Boiled Eggs - way easier than you think! Author: Tips used by Russ Parsons, LA Times I was out…

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Wine Enthusiast’s Delight: The Coravin Wine Preserver

I can’t say how many times I’ve made dinner and wanted to have just one glass of wine, but I…

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a row of cocktail classes

3 Glasses You Need in Your Bar

There are only three types of glasses that you absolutely need in your bar at home: The old-fashioned short, squatty,…

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Tips from a Pro: Your “Cooking 101” Lesson for The Day

I’m always surprised when I’m in a restaurant and my meal comes and it has absolutely NO flavor.  There is…

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