holiday shopping - black friday - cyber monday

How to Plan Your Holiday Shopping

SIX SHOPPING TIPS to help you from being “cyber-crazy” this holiday.   It’s that time again – time for the…

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Fran Berger_gifts-for-girlfriends

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Women

All you have to do is think about what you’d want as a present. We all want to give the…

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gifts for your guy friends

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Don’t settle for predictable – get an early start and go for the unexpected! One of the most difficult things…

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Home bar elegance

Setting up a home bar? Keep it simple!

10 Simple Tips for setting up your home bar for a holiday party. Home bars do not have to be…

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Stress Free Parties!

Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party is easier than you think!

The best part about a Holiday Party is a Relaxed Host – seriously! I’ve seen it more times than I…

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healthy choices for drinks

Healthier drinks for the holidays?

Two KEYS for healthier choices from your holiday libations. I’ve been a home entertainer all my adult life. My friends…

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Elegant Halloween

The Making of an Elegant Halloween

The easy way to make your Halloween Party an elegant event. If you know anything about me, you know that…

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Fran Berger's tips on tipping

Tips for Hotel Tipping and Then Some

Tips help make your trip more enjoyable – in more ways than one! I have done quite a bit of…

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Candle Holders from Pottery Barn

How to Prevent a Holiday Party Nightmare

Five things you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for any holiday gathering – for the rest of the year!…

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Fran's Reset Diet

The Reset Diet

A diet that helps you think about more than just your weight. Truth be told, I’m not a good “diet”…

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From Plated - a meal kit

What about those Meal Kit Delivery Services?

Review of the top 5 meal kits – for pleasure, convenience, and flavor! A friend of mine goes on frequent…

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Wine Etiquette

The Delicate Etiquette of the Last drop of Wine

Some customs just make the whole art of entertaining that much more fun! When I was very young, my parents…

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