Broiled Jumbo Nova Scotia Lobster - The Palm

4 Great Reasons Why Beverly Hills is a “Local Exotic” Travel Destination

Lucky you if you’re a LA Local: “Exotic” Beverly Hills’ is just a drive away! I love to vacation in…

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Fran's Wine

Bring Napa Home and Let the Bottles Do the Talking

Bring stories home about the wine you love, #Napa #Winechat I love wine from all over the world, but Napa…

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7 Best Places to Pick Pumpkins for Halloween!

America’s Best Pumpkin Patches For many of us Halloween means carving pumpkins.  But the problem starts with where do you…

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Not Your Usual Pasta Making Class

I’m going to confess something here, (for those that know me it’s not that big of a secret), I absolutely…

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da Amerigo 1934 - Akasha, Alberto, Helena, and Fran

Travel Planning is Everything Until It’s Not

Different people plan their trips differently.  Some love to just “wing it” and decide what they will do and where…

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More Travel Hacks — Then, On to Italy!

It’s actually happening - down to zero hour when I start my trip to Italy! I’m so excited that I…

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Getting Organized with Travel Hacks

I love to travel. The joke in my family has always been that I will have my bags packed before…

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The Cure for the Holiday Season Blues: A Nice Trip

This year, the holidays snuck up on me. Usually I’ve finished my shopping for gifts long before everyone else, am…

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A Relationship Recipe Story: Two Bottles of Pink Champagne and London

If you know me, you know I love bubbles more than any other adult beverage and if those bubbles are…

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I will Travel Far and Wide for Good Food

One thing I know is that sometimes the food that I’m craving is not at a restaurant close by -…

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SĀMBĀR: Craving Indian Cuisine in Los Angeles

SĀMBĀR I love Indian food, but my favorite place closed a few years ago. I hadn't been able to find…

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Sfixio, Discover Your Secret Italian

I’m going to make a confession here - my favorite cuisine is Italian and my hands-down favorite Italian restaurant is Sfixio…

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