Summer Fruits

Level up your Summer Snacks Strategy!

Kitchen Tips: Chill out and stock up on fruits and frozen blueberry “Bites” Here comes the sun. Summer is one…

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Egg test

Fresh Eggs!

An easy test to make sure that your eggs are fresh and safe to eat. Eggs are a staple –…

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Coravin Wine Preserver

A simple way to save “leftover” wine

Wine Ice Cubes: The best thing for "leftover" wine. Good wine is a terrible thing to waste. Being a lover…

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The Art of ordering from a menu

Don’t covet your neighbor’s dinner – order for flavor and experience! Reading a menu at your favorite restaurant can be…

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raw salt and peppercorns

Salt and Pepper for Refined Palates

Time to refresh two cooking ingredients that we often take for granted. “Salt is what makes things taste bad when…

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better way to serve onions?

A new way to prepare and serve onions?

Tried everything to stop the weeping and smell from onions? Try this! I happen to love onions: red, white, yellow,…

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Serving Caviar for a Tasting?

Handy tips for serving caviar at your next event.   When you own restaurants, as I did for more than…

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What is Caviar?

A little ‘what’ and ‘where’ about caviar, and how you can enjoy it.   In the twenty years that I…

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Drinks and Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party!

Cool Drinks and Great Snacks for Your #Superbowl - #SB51 I’ve tried all kinds of ways of hosting a Super…

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Football and food

Perfect Chili or Stew, for your Super Bowl Party

Hot Recipe Ideas for your Super Bowl Party I can’t tell you how many Super Bowl Parties I have thrown…

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How about a Friendsgiving?

A Different Friendsgiving

Take your Thanksgiving Dinner to a New Level - In 5 Easy Steps! When I was growing up Thanksgiving was…

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5 Rules for Throwing a Dinner Party That Never Ends

Have a party that they’ll be talking about for years. One of the best dinner parties I ever went to…

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